March 2024 Investor Day Recap

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Redwood Residential

Our Residential Consumer Mortgage Banking business consists of a mortgage loan correspondent business that acquires residential loans from third-party originators for subsequent sale, securitization through our Sequoia private-label securitization program, or transfer into our investment portfolio.

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CoreVest is a leading business purpose lender that specializes in originating loans on residential investment properties. To date, CoreVest has completed the most securitizations in the market for these types of loans. Originally founded in 2014, CoreVest has been a wholly-owned subsidiary of Redwood Trust, Inc. since Redwood acquired CoreVest in 2019.

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Redwood Investment Portfolio

Our Investment Portfolio consists of investments sourced through our residential consumer and residential investor mortgage banking operations as well as investments sourced from third-parties (e.g. RPLs, MSRs, HEI, CRT, and other housing-related investments).

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RWT Horizons

RWT Horizons is Redwood’s strategic venture investment platform. RWT Horizons is primarily focused on seed and early-stage financial and real estate technology companies. Investments made through RWT Horizons are designed to support companies whose technologies are accretive to our businesses, including our residential and business purpose mortgage banking platforms.

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Aspire home equity investments (“HEI”) provide qualified homeowners with cash up front in exchange for a share in the future value of their home.

Aspire offers homeowners an alternative to traditional financing options—such as closed-end second lien mortgages or home equity lines of credit—without monthly payments or interest charges.

HEI are an investment, not a loan. Aspire’s return on its investment depends on the future value of the property. For more information about Aspire HEI offerings, please visit the Aspire website.

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