Our Mission

Our corporate mission is to make quality housing — whether rented or owned — accessible to all American households.


To Redwood Trust, mortgages aren’t simply a business. We never forget that the support we provide to the housing market adds to the lifeblood of our nation. The financing we provide makes a positive impact, not just on the American economy but also on the lives and dreams of the families we serve. Our technology enabled solutions allow us to serve more consumers at scale and represents the future of housing finance.

We’re proud of the number of American families who have been able to purchase or rent quality homes — with a sense of well-being and security — because Redwood has been there.

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As we cast our gaze forward to an economy recovering from the Covid-19 pandemic, we know the U.S. housing finance system is entering a period of transition. The role of the federal government in the market for single-family and multifamily mortgages is in the biggest state of flux we have seen in decades. More than a decade removed from the last financial crisis, which led to the Government Sponsored Enterprises (Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac) entering into conservatorship, the constellation of housing finance entities, private sector and government, are destined to orbit differently than they ever have before.

With over 25 years of providing liquidity to the housing market, we advocate for policies we believe will benefit American consumers and strengthen the housing finance system.

For information on Redwood’s financial performance, go to our Investor Relations site. For information on Redwood’s products and how to do business with us, click here. For insight into how we are thinking about critical policies, bookmark this section of our website and come back to visit us. We’ll tell you more about how we think things are, and how we think they should be.


  • At Redwood we are committed to fighting for racial equality in the United States, especially as it relates to the housing finance industry. We stand in firm support of the movement for racial justice and believe in the fair treatment of people of all races, resulting in equitable opportunities and outcomes for all
  • We are facing an acute housing supply shortage, especially for first-time homebuyers, that is increasing the need for a variety of quality housing options in the market
  • Home ownership and rentership offer compelling options to consumers that vary by region
  • The intrinsic value of a home is increasingly important in our society today, especially since the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic
  • Private capital plays a critical role in providing sound liquidity for the housing market, with no investor offering the same breadth of solutions as Redwood
  • A level playing field for private and public capital in the housing finance sector will lead to greater competition that will benefit consumers and investors alike
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