Redwood Publishes Inaugural ESG Tear Sheet

“Redwood recently published our inaugural Environmental, Social and Governance (“ESG”) tear sheet, which includes disclosures in accordance with the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (“SASB”) standards. The tear sheet emphasizes Redwood’s longstanding and meaningful commitment to leading ESG practices across our corporate framework, culture, businesses and investments. As highlighted throughout this document, quality ESG values, practices and goals are a critical component to delivering on our mission of helping to make quality housing, whether rented or owned, accessible to all American households. Redwood’s inaugural report shares narratives, data and case studies that further convey how Redwood plays an integral role in supporting the housing market and in turn contributing to the long-term growth and health of the economy, our nation, and our local communities. We hope that our stakeholders enjoy reading this inaugural document and learning more about how Redwood’s approach to ESG contributes to our ability to deliver on our mission and contribute to our long-term business objectives and returns.” – Chris Abate, Chief Executive Officer of Redwood.

Download Redwood’s inaugural ESG report here.