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As one of the largest issuers of jumbo private label mortgage-backed securities, we help families own and rent homes.

As a result of our programs, originators can lend to a wide range of borrowers while maintaining control over the lending process. In addition, we source and distribute loans to institutional investors, facilitating their access to the U.S. housing market and linking global pools of capital as an ultimate source of liquidity for homeowners. To create a best-in-class user experience, we are committed to bridging the gap between innovative technology and actionable solutions for our counterparties within housing finance.

Redwood Select

Redwood Choice

Redwood Makes Exceptions

Redwood Select

Super-prime jumbo loans, super customer service.

The popular Redwood Select super-prime jumbo loan programs feature Qualified Mortgage (QM) and Non-QM options at competitive rates.

  • SELECT QM: High FICO scores, high reserves and LTVs up to 85%.
  • SELECT 90 QM: Up to 90% LTV with no mortgage insurance, minimum 740 FICO score, loan amounts up to $1.5 million.
  • SELECT NON-QM (Returning Soon): Same as Select QM with added allowances for DTI ratios over 43% and asset depletion with 3% rate of return. Allows current home payments to be excluded from DTI calculations.

Like all Redwood programs, Redwood Select features a variety of exceptions and is delivered with the same high-touch service and trusted Redwood consistency that originators desire.

Redwood Choice

A jumbo loan program that intelligently expands the credit box.

The Redwood Choice program empowers originators to lend to a wider set of borrowers than today’s super-prime jumbo programs— at very reasonable rates.


  • FICO scores as low as 680.
  • Lower reserve requirements.
  • Non-warrantable condos and condotels permitting.
  • Allows non-occupant co-borrowers with blended ratios and blended assets.

CHOICE NON-QM (Returning Soon):

  • Redwood’s Choice Non-QM option is the same as Choice QM with added allowances for asset depletion, interest only and DTIs over 43%. It allows current home payment to be excluded from DTI calculations.

Redwood Makes Exceptions

Common-sense flexibility on jumbo loans.

Jumbo borrowers are not always easy. Redwood stands out amongst the competition by considering a variety of exceptions to our guidelines when they make sense. All of Redwood’s programs have the same high-touch service and trusted Redwood consistency that originators desire.

Program Comparison

We offer the program features and resources you need to make sound credit decisions–every time.

View and download our program comparison to see which of our jumbo programs is right for you. Programs and guidelines are subject to change. For guideline specifics, please refer to the specific program eligibility guide.

For more information on our jumbo platform, please reach out to us at:

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