About Us

    Redwood Trust, Inc. (NYSE: RWT) is a specialty finance company focused on making credit-sensitive investments in single-family residential and multifamily mortgages and related assets and engages in mortgage banking activities. Our goal is to provide attractive returns to shareholders through a stable and growing stream of earnings and dividends, as well as through capital appreciation.

    Since going public in 1994, we have successfully managed our business through several cycles and built a track record of innovation, prudent risk management, and a best-in class reputation for service and executing credit risk solutions. We are internally managed and have elected to be taxed as a real estate investment trust, or REIT, for federal income tax purposes.

    Our primary sources of income are net interest income from our investments (primarily held at our REIT) and non-interest income from our mortgage banking activities (generated through our taxable REIT subsidiaries "TRS"). Net interest income consists of the interest income we earn on investments less the interest expense we incur on borrowed funds and other liabilities. Our mortgage banking businesses generate fee and gain-on-sale income through the acquisition and subsequent sale or securitization of residential and single-family rental loans. Additionally, our unique platforms allow us to source, structure, and create long-term investments for our portfolios.

    We borrow money, or use leverage, to finance portions of our investment portfolios and assets held-for-sale, which allows us to both augment the size of our portfolios and enhance returns. Our diversified sources of funding include unsecured corporate debt, non-marginable warehouse and secured term debt, warehouse/secured revolving debt, and securities repurchase agreements.

    Our core business strategies cover the full spectrum of housing finance.

    Residential Lending: Comprised of a mortgage loan conduit that acquires residential loans from third-party originators for subsequent sale, securitization, or transfer into our investment portfolio, as well as the investments we retain from these activities. We primarily acquire prime, jumbo mortgages and the related mortgage servicing rights on a flow basis from our broad network of loan sellers and distribute those loans to institutions that acquire pools of whole loans or through our Sequoia private-label securitization program.

    Business Purpose Lending: Comprised of a platform that originates and acquires business purpose residential loans for subsequent securitization or transfer into our investment portfolio, as well as the investments we retain from these activities. We primarily originate single-family rental and residential bridge loans and distribute certain single-family rental loans through our CoreVest American Finance Lender ("CAFL") private-label securitization program and retain others for investment along with our residential bridge loans.

    Third-Party Investments: Comprised of other residential investments not sourced through our residential mortgage banking activities, including: re-performing loan securities, third-party RMBS (including CRT securities and legacy securities), multifamily and other investments.

    Please see the Redwood Review, our quarterly supplemental to our SEC filings, for additional information about Redwood Trust, Inc.